Looking at growing Internet users in India, businesses are not leveraging the power of SMS Marketing for acquiring new customers! SMS Marketing is continuing to be an effective method to boost sales.

Below statistics about SMS Marketing will blow your mind:

  • On an average, adult Indians spend 22 hours of their whole week on texting.
  • The client responds to text alerts within 90 seconds, while it will take them 90 minutes to reply to business emails
  • Over 49% of Customers find message genuine communication method to connect with customer support than making a phone call.
  • Around 75% of a customer are open to exchanging text messages with a company.
  • According to Harris Poll Interactive, 64% of consumers are expected to notice a company reaching them by SMS in a positive light, increasing the opportunities of business gaining more customers.
  • Over 64% of consumers believe that businesses should use messages to communicate with consumers more frequently than they already do.
  • Apifonica conducted a study in which customers said that SMS services benefit them 'feel like they are cared about' and 'feel in charge' of the services they got.
  • SMS marketing is 6 - 8 times more engaging than other marketing means.
  • It is fast, short and easy to process and does not require the time responsibility that email does.

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